2009-Himalayan Retreat for Women

Trip Report Himalayan Retreat 2009

 (September 29 – October 18, 2009)

A group of twelve women completed 2009 Himalayan Retreat Program.

The participants were from Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.


Comments from the participants:

[box] I was told this would be a life altering experience, and now I know. Thank you for a most special experience and for your caring leadership. Namaste.

Lori Nelson, Blind Bay, British Columbia, Canada[/box]


[box] Thanks for making my dreams to walk on the Annapurna trail and to see Mount Everest a reality. Namaste.

Margie Van Binsbergen, Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia, Canada[/box]


[box] I can’t believe our trip is coming to an end. It’s been a trip of a life time and will be remembered forever. Thanks for all your efforts!

Karen Graham, Hinton, Alberta, Canada[/box]


[box] Thanks you so much for sharing your culture and world with us. I really enjoyed the trip and it made such an impact to have you with us. It made all the difference. Good luck, Thank you and Namaste.

Maureen Nakonechny, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada[/box]

Himalayan Retreat 2009

2009-Sightseeing Kathmandu – Patan – Bhaktapur – Nagarkot

2009 Himalayan Retreat for Women, sightseeing Kathmandu – Patan – Bhaktapur – Nagarkot





2009-Rafting and Camping Trisuli River

2009 Himalayan Retreat for Women, Rafting – Trisuli River





2009-Wildlife Safari-Chitwan National Park

2009 Himalayan Retreat for Women, Wildlife Safari – Chitwan National Park





2009-Trekking Annapurna Mountain Range and Pokhara

2009-Himalayan Retreat for Women, Trekking – Annapurna Mountain Range and Pokhara





2009-Mountain Flight to Everest Region

2009-Himalayan Retreat for Women, Mountain Flight to Everest Region





2008-Himalayan Field Study Program Report

Himalayan Field Study Program Report 2008





2007-Himalayan Field Study Program

Himalayan Field Study Program 2007

(May 1 to May 24, 2007)

A group of 18 visited Nepal from May 1st to May 24, 2007 – Group included both university students and professionals. Participants age ranges from teen to seventy – 11 (60%) were over 40 years of age and 7 (40%) under 40 years, Group included nine female (50%) and nine male (50%). Background of the participants: 6 Natural resources, 6 Medical, 4 social science and 2 business

Charity work:

The group took 12 bags of clothing for distribution (Child Haven orphanage, school in Pithauli, Old age home, soccer clubs and distribution along the way to Annapurna Base Camp)

International Institute of Field Study, Hinton Alberta donated Nepalese Rs.100,000.00 to Nepal Forestry Association for building construction

Academic Sessions

2007-Sightseeing in Kathmandu and surrounding area

Sightseeing in Kathmandu and surrounding area 2007





2007-Rafting, Chitwan National Park and birth place of Budd

Rafting, Chitwan National Park and birth place of Budd 2007