Canadian Rockies Field Study Program

Canadian Rockies Field Study Program

 A program of International Institute of Field Studies


with the involvement of Town of Hinton,  ( Alberta, Canada

International Institute of Field Studies, with assistance from Town of Hinton, Alberta, Canada, is offering a field study program for international development professionals in the Canadian Rockies.

The main focus of the program is the study and experience of environmental, developmental and cultural issues of the Western Canada. Participants will get a chance to learn about the technology advances, natural resource management practices, research initiatives, international development issues and Canadian culture.

The academic component of the program is conducted through a series of talk program, workshops and discussions with government, non-governmental, and academic institutions. Activities include visit and session with Alberta Legislature, Alberta International and intergovernmental relation, Alberta Research Council, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Hinton Training Centre, Foothills Model Forest, FERIC, Town of Hinton, West Fraser pulp and saw mills, Jasper and Banff National Parks, University of Alberta, Community Forestry in BC, and University of British Columbia. Other activities include, hiking in the Rockies, canoeing, Miette hot spring, sporting event and visit to museums and places of interest.

This program is designed for international development professionals but is open to everyone, such as students, teachers and others interested in Canadian Rockies region of Western Canada.

Participants arrive in Edmonton. The program starts in Edmonton, Alberta and ends in Vancouver, BC. The core of the program will be conducted through a series of talk program, workshops and discussions at Hinton Training Centre located about 15 minutes from Jasper National Park, in Alberta, Canada.